Log Books fixes their website headache and sees immediate benefits.

Having faced years of problems with their old and dated website Log Books now receives rave reviews from their customers on how easy it is to order from them.

Desktop view of the Log Books homepage showing the main navigation and a banner image of their products

Their Challenge

Page timeouts. 404 pages. Orders lost. These were a few of the challenges facing Log Books as they looked to modernize their Shopify stores and fix their problems once and for all. Having worked with a developer in their past they found solutions were too restrictive and oftentimes caused new problems to arise.

Their Goals

To create a modern website with clean user-flow and higher degree of customization and scalability. Log Books has two types of products - stock log books and custom log books. Stock log books needed to be organized and have be ordered directly from the site. Custom log books needed much more information before an order could be placed. A complex series of questions needed to be answered before a user could see the cost of their order. Unfortunately, the custom order form on the site often prevented users from completing their submissions.

Our Solution

The Log Books revamped started with a hangout. A Google hangout to be specific. As with all our clients we first want to meet with them in order to better understand the challenges they are facing and the goals they have for their business. Every business has its own unique problems and challenges. Once we had a firm understanding of Log Books goals and challenges we went about creating a detailed proposal outlining how we could help them reach their goals. First, we discussed the site’s strategy and outline. How did we want the user to experience the website? After outlining a strategic sitemap we moved towards defining the moodboards for the new site. The moodboards would act as the foundation for the modern design implemented on the website. From here the team moved to creating the homepage, collection view and product view of the site to serve as first impressions. Erika and her team provided detailed feedback and our team worked to ensure the vision was met. Once the initial pages were signed off we moved towards creating the remaining views and functionality of the site. At each checkpoint we reviewed the deliverables with Log Books to ensure their vision was being adhered to.

The Result

Within the first month of launching the revamped sites a user posted the following on Google:
“The website is easy to navigate and order from… Reordering is nice  and easy also. No problems, easy recommend.”

The Work

Screenshot of Log books' homepage
Screenshot of Log books' product page
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