Mother Raw’s custom recipe blog contributes to a 40% increase in repeat customers.

Mother Raw wanted to increase repeat customers and drive engagement across their sites. Day Shift Digital created a custom recipe blog and implemented new designs to their Shopify sites. After 1 year Mother Raw has seen a 10% increase in their average order value and a 40% increase in repeat customers.

Desktop and mobile view of the Mother raw homepage showing the main navigation and a hero image of their product

Their Challenge

Mother Raw was growing, but they felt their Shopify site did represent their brand. They wanted new features and a custom design that wasn’t like every other Shopify site. They also wanted to drive user engagement by creating a recipe platform where users could find custom recipes featuring Mother Raw dips and dressings.

Their Goals

Drive engagement and showcase their brand.

Our Solution

Day Shift Digital was approached by the design agency Stack Creative who was looking for a strong Shopify partner who could create custom designs and functionality. Over the course of several meetings we worked with both Stack Creative and Mother Raw to outline clear goals and objectives for the project. As with all our projects, a timeline was created that highlighted key milestones and dates. Over the course of a couple of months our team of developers created a custom Shopify theme specifically for Mother Raw. To address Mother Raw’s goals we used a combination of custom code and a Shopify recipe app to create a user-focused recipe collection.Throughout the entire process we kept Mother Raw informed on progress and met several times to showcase the progress on the site and discuss where designs needed to be adapted. Once the DSD team had completed the internal review and QA process a revision period was set aside so Mother Raw (and Stack Creative) could review and provide feedback. Using our project management tool, the Mother Raw team was able to easily log requests and questions asynchronously. After extensive testing the new Mother Raw site was ready to launch! As Mother Raw operates two different Shopify stores for localization purposes deployment involved updating both the Canadian and American stores.

The Result

Of the course of 1 year Mother Raw has seen the following results:

  • 10% increase in the average order value
  • 12% increase in users who reached the checkout page
  • 40% increase in repeat customers

The Work

Screen shot of the mother raw blog page
Screenshot of the mother raw single blog post
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Notes about Mother Raw USA

From Jan 1st 2021 to Feb 17th 2022
Conversion rate was .85%

From Feb 17th 2022 to Feb 17th 2023
Conversion rate was 0.69%
Average order value increased by 11%
Returning customer rate was up 8%
Users who reached checkout was up 12%

Notes about Mother Raw CA

From Jan 1st 2021 to Feb 17th 2022

From Feb 17th 2022 to Feb 17th 2023
Compared to Jan 1st 2021 to Feb 17th 2022

Average order value was up 9%
Returning customer rate was up 40%
Users who reached checkout was up 10%

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