8 Reasons to Hire a WordPress Design and WordPress Development Expert

These days, there are countless do-it-yourself website builders on the market designed to help individuals and businesses create their own websites. And while these web builders can be helpful for simple applications, if you need an aesthetically pleasing, intuitive website, you’re better off hiring a professional. A WordPress design and WordPress development expert can create a site that will help increase website traffic, conversion rates, and more.

1. Increase Website Traffic

The layout of a website significantly impacts the amount of traffic directed to the site. When a site is designed specifically to optimize keywords and headings, search engines will find it easier to scan and index the site, which, in turn, will boost its ranking in the search results. If your website ranks within the top three positions on the results page, there is a higher likelihood that users will go to your site.

2. Higher Conversion Rates

The ultimate goal for most website owners is conversion rate maximization. Depending on the type of product or service your website offers, a conversion could include someone signing up for your service or the sale of a physical product that you’re selling. But whatever the case, maximizing conversions is essential. A WordPress pro will understand how to design a site with a user-friendly interface, thus increasing the potential for conversion.

3. Visually Pleasing

Improving web technologies have enabled web designers to create beautiful websites that are as visually pleasing as they are functional. Of course, a website doesn’t have to be beautiful to serve its purpose, but aesthetics go a long way in keeping users engaged, and the longer a visitor is on a site, the more apt they are to make a purchase. Plus, a well-designed site with a matching colour scheme and other attractive elements helps it to look more professional.

4. Optimizing Plugins

One of the benefits of using WordPress is the unbelievable number of plugins that are available for the platform. If you’re looking to add a feature to your website, there’s undoubtedly a plugin for it, or, more likely, dozens of plugins for it. But with so many plugins, knowing which one will work best for you can be difficult. A WordPress expert can set up all the necessary plugins, and they’ll know which plugins to avoid.

5. Payment Processing

If you are interested in creating a website, there is a good chance you’re selling a product or service, and if this is the case, then having a payment gateway is a must. There are numerous plugins, especially for WordPress, that claim to make the process of setting up a payment portal easy, but unfortunately, these plugins often focus only on a single facet of payment processing and not payment processing as a whole.  

6. Customer Portals

Having a customer login portal is necessary for saving user information. By allowing users to “create an account,” you will be able to track purchases, send digital receipts, and build email lists. All of these are vital components that aid in increasing your website’s “return visitor” rate. They also enable you to provide a more individualized user experience because you can customize the features and products presented to the user based on their history.

7. Resolving Website Issues

When you opt to build a website on your own, you’ll have no one to turn to if problems arise. And if you’re inexperienced in web development, there is a high probability that you will eventually encounter some issues. However, if you hire a professional developer, then you can rest assured that if a problem occurs, they’ll be there to assist in getting it resolved; this alone is worth its weight in gold.

8. Website Updates

Web technologies advance at a rapid pace, and to keep up with them, you’ll need to make regular updates to your website. These updates could be something as simple as switching to the newest version of WordPress, or they could be much more complicated, like making changes to the PHP scripts. Whether they are simple, or highly involved, adopting these updates is nonetheless very stressful for the inexperienced developer.

Building a website can be an enjoyable experience, but if you’re using the website for professional purposes, then it’s best to hire the assistance of an expert designer and developer. An expert will be able to create an aesthetically pleasing and highly converting website so that you can grow your business. If you need a customized website, reach out and book a free consultation with us as your first step.

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