Setting up Google Analytics 4 in Shopify

With Shopify now supporting Google Analytics 4 via the Google sales channel app we outline how to set everything up.

Google Universal Analytics will be sunsetting on July 1st 2023 💣, and with Shopify recently supporting Google Analytics 4 via the Google sales channel app it's time to start making the move. Here's a quick outline of how to create a Google Analytics 4 account and connect it to your Shopify store.

Creating a Google Analytics 4 Account

Sign in to your Google Analytics account and navigate to the settings area (bottom left widget). Click add property and name your new property. You may be prompted with the option to connect your Google Analytics 4 account with an existing Google Universal Analytics account - we highly recommend you do this.

Google analytics dashboard view of creating a new property

Create a Web Stream of Data

Once the property has been created, and you've filled in your relevant details, create a new web property with your Shopify domain.

Google Analytics four dashboard view of the data streams area

Install Google Sales Channel App in Shopify

Log into your Shopify store and navigate to either:

a) Theme Store - Preferences - Analytics area there will be a notice from Shopify and a link to install the Google Sales Channel app.

b) Apps - search for Google Sales Channel and click install.

c) Here's a direct link to the Google Sales Channel app in the Shopify directory.

Connect Google Sales Channel to Google Analytics Account

Inside of the Google Sales Channel app you'll be prompted to sign into your Google account. Sign in to your Google account that is associated with your Google Analytics account. In the dropdown area select the Google Analytics 4 property you recently created.

Shopify dashboard area with the Google Sales Channel app connection screen requiring a login

Test & Confirmation

Open up another tab and navigate to your store's homepage - keep this tab open. In another window go into your recently created Google Analytics 4 account and navigate to Reports > Realtime. Give it about 5 minutes and you should see a user visiting your site (you!).

Google Analytics four real time view screen showing one user is visiting the site

Finished - Put on Shades and Continue Saving the World

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