Tips on Working with a Toronto WordPress Expert

When you’re looking to hire someone to create or redesign your WordPress website there are few things you can do ahead of time to ensure the project starts on the right foot.

Establish Your Goals

Before hiring a WordPress expert it’s best to establish the goals for what you want to get out of the work. Here’s a few examples of goals you could have for your site:

  • Looking to increase the conversion rate on our shop page.
  • Looking to improve the user flow of our website.
  • Condense our bloated site into a more manageable and user-friendly layout.
  • Create an ecommerce component to our site.
  • Rebuild our site with a focus on modernizing the look and feel of the site.

Whatever your goal may be, having an outline of what you want to achieve creates a guidining light for future decisions.

Gather Your Access Credentials & Brand Guidelines

When work starts on your project you’ll be asked to provide access to any current sites, your hosting plan, and your DNS. Gather all these details in a secure document so there’s no delays in development.

If your company has a brand guideline it’s best to have this ready to go so designers can get to know your brand.

By getting this ready at the outset you’ll be able to move quickly through our process.

Sitemap Chat

Nobody understands your needs like you do. When hiring a WordPress expert we recommend taking a few minutes to chat internally about what potential pages are needed in this build. Has your marketing team been begging you for case studies? Add it to the list. Does HR need a careers page to post new job openings? Fantastic, add it to the build. Does your team want individual team pages with bios or will that be too cumbersome to manage? Asking these questions helps to establish a baseline of needs for the build.

It’s tempting to dive head first into project, but by taking the time to prepare you’ll be able to speak to your needs and start the project on a solid foundation. If you’re ready to go, let’s chat! Book a free consultation with us!

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