Top 3 hosting providers for your WordPress site

Two computers infront of eachother When it comes to hosting your WordPress site, not all hosts are created equal. Some of the poorer hosting providers are slow, clunky and hard to work with. They can be more prone to hacking, have more downtime or may not offer the flexibility you need to grow. Unlike some agencies, we do not offer hosting as a service. Instead, we recommend that our clients sign up with expert WordPress hosting providers. This ensures our clients have full autonomy over their sites once the site is live and keeps the hosting costs lower. As a WordPress shop, we need to ensure that the hosting providers we recommend are not only a quality service with ease of use, flexibility and safety, but we also need to make sure they are a WordPress dedicated services that can meet all of our clients needs.

What you should look for in a hosting provider for your WordPress site:

  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-find customer service
  • built-in or easy to set up backups of your sites files and database
  • Uptime scores / uptime guarantees
  • Flexibility in your plan incase you have an uptick in visitors

After years of working with lots of different hosting providers, here are our top 3 hit all the right spots :

1. SiteGround (our favourite)

Price: $5.95 USD / month –  $19.95 USD / month (for 25,000 monthly visits but offer a smaller plan as well)

Why we love them:

  • Very affordable monthly price in comparison to other similar services (they have had an ongoing sale on their regular prices for a while now )
  • You can set up daily backups with just a couple of clicks
  • 24/7 customer service that is very helpful
  • Great caching techniques to help your site run fast
  • A staging site is offered with some plans (but not all so make sure to read what you are buying)

Get it:

2. WPEngine

Price: $35 USD / month (for 25,000 monthly visits) and up

Why we love them:

  • Built-in daily backups of your site’s database and files
  • A built-in staging area that makes it really easy to test changes and push them live (1 click!)
  • An easy to use dashboard that avoids the bulkiness and confusion of other hosting providers
  • Very helpful support staff that are available 24/7 via chat

Get it:

3. FlyWheel

Price: $28 USD / month (for 25,000 monthly visits but offer a smaller plan as well)

Why we love them:

  • Use advanced caching techniques so your site runs incredibly fast
  • Amazing 24/7 customer service
  • A staging site that can be easily created in 1 click and then push to production with another click
  • They have a service called local by FlyWheel which has a streamlined development to live process

Get it:

In conclusion

Choosing a hosting provider for your WordPress site can be a tedious task, but this choice has huge effects on your site’s future performance, safety and growth. Choose one of the providers above and you’ll be on the right track to well performing WordPress site!

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