Website Feature Enhancements

‍Are you looking to improve engagement with your website? Take a look at a few of our ideas.

Have you started noticing a drop-off or a plateau in your traffic? What about a decrease in the overall engagement of your site? If you have said yes to either of these then it might be time to consider sprucing up your site. Here are 5 features you can add to your site:

1. Resource library - Share your knowledge by creating an interactive resource library. Be sure to add various ways of categorization and filtering so people can quickly find what they're looking for. ABRPO created a resource library that allows their staff and clients to easily find relevant articles, how-tos and websites related to their mission. After launching the resource library alongside their new website they experienced a 200% increase in user engagement.

2. Events calendar - Spread the word about your upcoming workshops and meetups with a detailed event calendar. List view, calendar view, tags, and the ability to purchase tickets to paid events are all potential features. Ontario Racewalkers recently launched an event calendar to showcase their training days and races. Club members have a central location for finding out about upcoming events and can always check to find all information about an event.

3. Expanded search - Users want to find the information they're looking for fast so create a top-tier search for your site to showcase everything you have to offer. The default WordPress search fails to properly index all your posts and pages, this means search results sometimes fail to display the right content related to the search query. By leveraging an advanced search you ensure everything you want to be searched is found. APLN leverages an advanced search to make sure their users find exactly what their looking for.

4. Job board - Get the best talent by creating a job board on your site. There's different types of job boards you can create, from a simple list view with external links to a third-party platform like Indeed, to a full-fledge job application system. By having a job board on your site you'll be able to attract the talent that actually cares about you because they've spent the time engaging with the site.

5. Structure data - Take full advantage of Google's search algorithm and optimized your site to support structured data. Structured data allows you to provide more information about your web page and content. For example, you can create structure data about your organization to better display your contact key organizational information.

All of the above features have been built by us and we can do the same for you. Let's take that first step. Book a chat with us by clicking here.

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