Year in Review: The Client Awards Edition

We've accomplished a ton over the past year: we’ve built some amazing sites, we’ve added Shopify into our repertoire of work, and we grew our team by 50%! Over the past 365 days we’ve launched 38 projects. Of those 38 projects, 87% of them were repeat clients. These were clients looking to work with us on new projects or looking to add features to their current sites. This means that, not only do our lovely clients trust us with their website babies, they also trust us as collaborators in helping them strategize and grow. Our year wouldn’t be anywhere close to this amazing without, of course, our amazing clients. As we step into new year with our coworkers and partners, we wanted to give a special shoutout to our especially meaningful clients with our client awards. So without further adieu….

The award for the project(s) with…

the most publicity: Argyle Public Relations

We’ve worked with Argyle’s team on sites that have been all over the news the past year. Check out the most recent of these, #MakeItBetter, a campaign to raise awareness on how climate change is effecting our health in Ontario.

the most heart: Yeeboo Digital

Yeeboo Digital works with non-profits that are doing good in their community or the world. We are lucky to help them spread this good with the many projects we work on with this amazing team over the past year. Included in this repertoire is both Covenant House New Jersey and Covenant House New York, Save The Children Canada and more!

the quickest turn around: Toronto International Film Festival

From ideation, to strategy, to creation, working with TIFF is a quick breath of fresh air. This team knows what they want, makes quick decisions, and gives concise feedback to ensure their projects get out the door in record time.  We’ve worked with TIFF this year on a few campaigns including the Share Her Journey campaign that focuses on increasing participation, skills, and opportunities for women behind and in front of the camera.

the most innovative: CourseCompare

We came on board with CourseCompare just over a year ago to build CourseCompare from it’s MVP into the amazing marketplace it is today. We continue to regularly work with them to build out new features, strategize on helping them grow, and help with ensuring the site is as maintainable as possible. This team is always looking for innovative feature-adds and we love helping them strategize on where to go next.

the most flash: Official Community

Nothing says glitz and glamour like working with the team at Official Community. With projects with development sparkles; like accessibility, maintainability and multi-lingual, and celebrity, working with Official Community has our heart going on and on.

the most impactful: Grassriots

Working with clients on campaigns that aim to change the world for the better, our work with Grassriots focuses on inspiring people to take action to make change. Some of the projects we’ve worked with this team on over the past year includes encouraging the world to take action against tobacco companies with TakeAPart to helping build a brighter home for kids with MercyHome.

‍the most instructive: Micharity Training and Resource Centre

We worked with Micharity to build a training and resource centre where their customers can learn how to use their software and get the most out of it. Customers can learn with a library of courses and product videos, as well as clear and interactive training paths that even give customers certifications for learning their software!

the most scholarly: Juno College of Technology (formerly HackerYou)

We worked with HackerYou this year to build and run both a one day workshop, focusing on Freelancing, and their brand new Custom Theme Development Class that runs over 8 weeks. This class teaching students how to build themes in WordPress and Shopify. The class is currently in full swing of it’s first run and we are really happy with how it’s going so far!

the most playful: Elliot Animation

It was a lot of fun building Elliot Animation a new home on the web. This bright and playful site focuses on their team’s culture, their world class talent and their recognizable characters.

the most drool-worthy: George Brown College Nutrition

We were definitely not complaining about staring at pictures of kitchens, chefs and food for a few months as we built out the new George Brown College Nutrition Website and their Amibtion Nutrition Symposium a new home. We even had the chance to stop by their Chef School to try some of the Chef’s daily creations after our meetings.

the biggest goodbye: Filament

We had a blast working with the creative team at Filament over the past while, but had to say goodbye to the agency as they move under new wings and help grow the EY Design Studio. We were sad to say goodbye to working with this team as Filament but look forward to working with them again in a new capacity.

It’s been quite the year, filled with interesting, challenging, and world changing projects.  A special thanks to everyone who has helped us get here so far: our clients, contractors, and team members: we couldn’t have done it without you!

Looking forward to the next year, we are already excited to dive into new challenges that help clients, old and new, find their potential; while we grow, strategize, and create some amazing stuff together!

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